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Our boutique law firm provides experienced advice to a variety of clients regarding a comprehensive range of real estate transactions throughout Israel including joint venture and investments. Our attorneys have experience in the structuring of client transactions, from commercial, to residential and non-residential property acquisitions.  We often help landlords and tenants in lease transactions, as well. We advise our clients regarding all aspects of real estate transactions, including tax planning, real estate assessment and more.

If you are buying, selling, or renting property, or are involved in any sort of dispute involving property ownership, renting, purchase, or sale, consulting our firm can help you protect your rights and reach a satisfying resolution.

Nearly every type of real estate transaction involves lengthy legal documents meant to clarify and protect one’s rights, but which too often lead to confusion on all sides. And disputes can arise in any sort of real estate matter, whether they involve a broken promise to leave property in a certain condition or a need to evict a difficult tenant.
Our experienced firm will be able to research the legal history of a piece of property, explain the relevant law to you and how it applies to your situation, and draft appropriate documents and more. If your matter will require litigation, our legal team, who knows the system, will be able to offer insight as to local court procedures and the tendencies of prosecutors and judges. As your transaction or case moves forward, you’ll want representation you’re confident in.

Our firm handles complex transactions, which require thorough understanding and expertise in all fields related to real estate, including:  rezoning, betterment taxes, planning and construction, financing for real estate transactions, dispute resolution, taxation and litigation. Our firm also represent clients in negotiations in matters dealing with h government authorities and also those related to the receipt of permits and other requirements. 


Our firm represents leading real estate entities, including companies engaged in construction, development of income-generating projects and residential real estate (including in the field of urban renewal), private developers, contractors, companies from the new and old industrial sectors, real estate investors.

Our firm provides comprehensive representation and counsel with regard to the legal, taxation and commercial aspects of sale and purchase transactions of land real estate assets (including combination transactions and real estate options), rental transactions, commercial ventures and partnerships, acquisition groups, urban renewal (Pinui Binui, TAMA 38), protected housing, real estate financing agreements, contractor and sub-contractor agreements, cooperation agreements and more. 

We offer our clients:

The years of extensive experience and knowledge acquired by our firm's attorneys enable us to successfully accompany a project from its initial stages of the transaction, through the drafting and negotiation stage until its final completion.   How?  Our firm combines innovative, outside-the-box creative thinking, while relying on our considerable experience, technical expertise and substantial know-how  to help our clients execute sophisticated real estate transactions and financing arrangements, and more. 


Our Firm's business and commercial-minded team along with our multidisciplinary approach, enable us to offer comprehensive legal support for all of our clients’ needs so that they successfully  achieve their objectives.

Our attorneys have the  expertise in advising on real estate transactions and real estate taxation, and in representing clients before the relevant authorities, such as real estate tax offices, the Israel Lands Authority, the Surveying Department, local authorities and the Land Registry Offices with  experience in eviction cases  and construction transactions.


Our firm's in-depth knowledge of the real estate world and extensive practical experience and expertise in handling real estate transactions while maintaining the proper balance required to successfully take advantage of business opportunities, enable our firm to anticipate and carefully navigate the inherent risks involved in transactions.

Our attorneys are skilled in pinpointing and understanding client needs and the necessary steps to be taken in order to reach their goals.  It is to that end that our firm is are committed to facilitating and executing each transaction in the best possible manner with integrity alongside perseverance.

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